Weld defects, their Causes and Remedies

Two Major Aspects of Fusion Welding

Effects of welding :

Effects of welding are those which will always happen when we weld –
Residual stresses
Formation of HAZ with metallurgical changes

Defects of welding :

Defects are those which can be theoretically eliminated, such as –
Cracks, Lack of Fusion, slag inclusions, porosity and undercuts
Only when we understand the nature of these defects and why they occur, can we eliminate them

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Discontinuities & Defects :


*An interruption of the typical structure of a material, such as a lack of homogeneity in its mechanical, metallurgical, or physical characteristics.
*A discontinuity is not necessarily a defect but all defects are discontinuities.


*A defect is a reject able discontinuity,which occurs in an amount great enough to render a particular object or structure unsuitable for its intended service based on criteria in the applicable code

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