API Spec 6A and 16A require manufacturers to conduct hydrostatic body proof tests of individual units of pressure containing equipment. This simply means that all equipment units that have designs which include a “body” portion with end connectors (perhaps with outlets and bonnet attachment points) shall experience a hydrostatic pressure test to a specified “TEST PRESSURE”, for a specified hold period, for a specified number of cycles, at the time of original manufacture.

This test procedure also applies to any API Spec 6A and 16A equipment that has experienced weld repair and stress relief on the body or pressure containing components.

Passing this test requires that the equipment retain the specified pressure for the specified time (hold period) and the specified number of cycles without pressure release or visible leakage.
API Spec 6A does not require a hydrostatic pressure test for loose connectors, such as blind flanges and studded adapters. API Spec 16A does require a hydrostatic test for studded adapters and clamps.
For the unique requirement for testing API Spec 16A loose clamps, See Clamp Test Pressures and Applied Loads.

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